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Apocalypse Z is a life-size game that takes place in a city in France ...
The goal of the game is to escape a horde of zombies and find the shelter  while trying to survive without being infected ...
So are you ready to take on the challenge?!? 
~~~ The next dates will be communicated as soon as possible~~~
French Sanitary Autority, gave their final report! APOCALYPSE Z in Toulouse on the 28 of October 2017... This is what happened!!!
Apocalypse Z on Chérie FM
Apocalypse Z édition 3
26 & 27 June 2015
Apocalypse Z édition 2
31st October & 1st November 2014
Apocalypse Z édition 4 
4 & 5 November 2016
Rules of the game Apocalypse Z ©
Apocalypse Z, Zombie Chase Game (NOT A FIGHTING GAME) UNIQUE in France by the Association The Kmeleon. (Prohibited to - 18 years old, verification of identity cards on the evening of the event)
Dates: Edition 6 pre-release
Do you like adrenalin? challenges? This game is for you! Book now to be one of the lucky ones to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.
The aim of the game is to try to survive a life-threatening Zombie Apocalypse# by way of riddles and missions!
In no cases will you have to kill zombies but you will have to try to escape without getting infected and finding the final shelter ...
This game is a fiction. The adrenaline will not be!
The place will be communicated 24 hours before the day of the event by email to keep the suspense, so do not forget to communicate your email address at the time of the purchase of the places.
Ticket price: 35€ * (souvenir gift at the end of the game)
Tickets must be purchased in advance! No sale will be possible on the event day.
Time of the game guaranteed 1h30 -2h approximately, after that depends on the rhythm of each person and it can be more or less long!Whether you want to savor the event fully or make a run (which is not the goal) 
Severals departures will be available for you to choose ...
To participate you will need:
> To be 18 years and above(Checking the identity card at the start of the game)
> Have a medical certificate that we will be verify at the time of your departure.
> Set up a team of a maximum 10 to 12 players
>If you are alone you can join a team on the day of the event
> A compass is strongly recommended
> Wearing a costume or not (The Go Pro are encouraged)
> Have a minimum of physical training
> Having read the rules
> Provide at least one bottle of water per team
> Provide a headlamp or flashlight
 > Appropriate attire
Not allowed:
> Under 18 years Old
> Pregnant women
> People with heart problems
> Alcohol and all illicit products
> Weapons and other prohibited. A search of the bags will be carried out at the entrance of the game.
The management reserves the right to refuse access to the game to any person representing a danger in the course of the event. We rely on you and your sense of responsibility for the smooth running of the game
#As far as possible
* The kmeleon will not be responsible if an injury occurs Or if object or garment is lost or damaged during play.
* Tickets NOT refundable.
* The event can be postponed in case of bad weather.




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